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The best web hosting company in Egypt, from now, do not worry about the stability of your website on the Internet, we are a Weber company that guarantees complete stability on the network and protection from malicious cyber attacks, our company has cloud hosting servers located on the most powerful global data centers equipped to protect against cyber attacks and are located on The network is 100%. We provide web hosting services through a set of plans to suit all groups according to their needs. This means that you will not waste your money in unstable and unsafe hosting, but rather you will pay in the right place and according to your needs only.

Services Features

Strong servers

We have servers from the most powerful global information centers

Free domain

All our hosting plans include a free domain.

Ease of setting up your site

Ready scripts installation service in less than a minute


We have daily - weekly - monthly backup copies of your site data and easy retrieval with ease

Site speed

All of our servers are located on servers that have high-quality internet lines to ensure the speed of your site

Safety and protection

Our web hosting is more secure than 10 other hosts, and this is the testimony of all our clients

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